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Venice (2020-2022)

"In January 2020, just after the exceptional November 2019 'Acqua Alta', I decided to embark on a new project on the city of Venice as I have always been fascinated by its uniqueness and vulnerability. During the last two and half years, I managed to spend a few months there to complete the project, photographing this city built on more than 100 islands full of bridges, canals and water. I shoot with a Miranda from the 60s and I have always used black and white as a form of expression for the type of emotions I want to convey. 

"Venice" is my first self-published book under the name of TantoPress (London)"


TantoPress, (London, 2022) 

Hardcover on leather

22.5x22.5cm, 64 pages

ISBN 978-1-3999-2387-3

30 tritones

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