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Venice (2020-2022)

Giacomo Brunelli (b. 1977, Italy) begins walking before he begins making photographs. “Walking is a part of my photography,” he says. “You need to walk to create the chance of finding things that interest you.” Over the past 15 years, he has famously used animals as inspiration in his work – those he encounters in the natural world, as well as the ultimate man-made environment: the city. Traversing the streets of London and New York, Brunelli’s images transcend time in his trademark film-noir style.

In January 2020, Brunelli took to the bridges and canals of Venice, two months after the city experienced devastating flooding – a result of the worst acqua alta, or high water, in over 50 years. Having always been fascinated by the city’s vulnerability, he embarked on a project that explores the archipelago’s uniquely intricate landscape: over 100 islands, connected by countless bridges and waterways. Shooting with a Miranda camera from the 1960s, Brunelli softens the landscape, as well as its anonymous figures, into black-and-white chiaroscuro. The glimpses of gondolieres and abstract reflections depict an enduring city, and quietly remind us of that which is needed to preserve and sustain it.


TantoPress, (London, 2022) 

Hardcover on leather

22.5x22.5cm, 64 pages

ISBN 978-1-3999-2387-3

30 tritones

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