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With 20-year experience in the field and having published more than ten books, I am happy to help you build your career as an artist. If you like to build a stronger portfolio of images, editing, improve your vision, publish a book and start selling your prints at galleries, get in touch. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals.


More workshops available at:


WORKSHOP - 2 days with 1 PHOTOWALK (London) 

One-to-one bespoke workshop comprising of no.1 one-to-one photowalk and review of the work produced during the shooting. 


WORKSHOP - 3 days with 2 PHOTOWALKS (London)

One-to-one bespoke workshop comprising of no. 2 one-to-one photowalks and review of the work produced during the shooting. 



Whether you are an amateur or a professional seeking to elevate your photographic vision, this workshop caters to all skill levels, embracing both analog and digital photography.

Drawing inspiration from my "Eternal London", a body of work originally commissioned by The Photographers' Gallery and published by Dewi Lewis Publishing, you will be able to use the city of London and its streets as an inspiration, following my "Eternal London" locations.

*Topics Covered*

The workshop will cover a wide range of topics including introduction to photography, starting a photographic project, framing and shooting strangers, reviewing and editing, building a portfolio, visual storytelling, publishing a book, approaching publishers, galleries and selling your work.

This workshop presents a unique opportunity for photographers to refine their skills and learn about the various aspects of photography, culminating in an exploration of publishing and building a portfolio.

For more information or to register for the workshop, participants can reach out to or directly reserving a place through the website.

"Eternal London" Text by Brett Rogers, The Photographers'Gallery Director
Giacomo Brunelli’s series "Eternal London" belongs to a long and rich photographic tradition of celebrated émigré photographers (such as the German and Austrian-born photographers Bill Brandt and Wolfgang Suschitzky) who brought a new visual intensity and originality to photographing London.

Working a century later, Brunelli’s aesthetic however is less documentary and more personal, inspired by a film-noir sense of disquietude.

"Eternal London" is the result of two years of constant walking, often for five to six hours a day, chancing upon particular things that sparked Brunelli’s interest – be that the shape of a hat, a piece of clothing or demeanour of a person, the character of an animal or gait of a public statue.

Adopting the position of voyeur or spy – he follows his ‘prey’ until he alights on the right time to create the image. By pushing the lens to the closest point of focus, almost touching the subject, he suggests a very close intimacy with these strangers, whilst at the same time respecting their anonymity.

Shot with a Japanese camera from the 60s, Brunelli’s compulsion to exploit the expressive possibilities of black and white, his off-kilter compositions and interest in blurring, share thesame directness and energy which characterised Japanese photography from that same period – Daido Moriyama, Shomei Tomatsu and Eikoh Hosoe.

Whilst his is a less politicized approach, he revels in translating everyday life on the street into a personal and poetic statement and isn’t afraid of considering the dark underbelly which characterizes London both during the day and at night.

Powerful in their ordinariness, Brunelli’s images speak emotionally of larger issues – the alienation and experience of urban existence, intimacy and distance, the public and private.

In all his work, Brunelli favours strong profiles as well as counterintuitive angles – exploiting shadows and forms which recall early Modernist photographers.

His small handprinted images (often with their characteristic rounded corners) exemplify his commitment to the photo as object, their intimate scale and limited edition numbers reflecting small-scale batch production in his darkroom at home.



The Photographers'Gallery

The Telegraph

The Guardian "Best Shot"

The Guardian 


*Cancellation & Refund*

To reserve your place, a full payment is required at the time of registration. Although we cannot provide refunds, students who are unable to attend will be offered another workshop of the same value or they can find a replacement for their place.

Giacomo Brunelli has the right to cancel the workshop without liability and a full refund will be provided. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

Giacomo Brunelli (b. Perugia, Italy, 1977) graduated with a degree in International Communications in 2002. His work has been exhibited at The Photographers’Gallery (Uk),  The New Art Gallery Walsall (Uk), The Barbican Centre (Uk), BlueSky Gallery, Portland (Usa), Format Festival, Derby (Uk), Triennial of Photography Hamburg (Germany), Nordic Light Festival (Norway), Noorderlicht Photofestival (The Netherlands), StreetLevel Glasgow (Uk), Photofusion, London (Uk), Fotofestiwal Lodz (Poland). He has won the Sony World Photography Award, the Gran Prix Lodz, Poland and the Magenta Foundation “Flash Forward 2009”. He has also been featured widely in the art and photography press including BBC (Uk), The Guardian (Uk), The Telegraph (Uk), Eyemazing (Holland), European Photography (Germany), B&W Magazine (Usa), Creative Review (Uk), Foto+Video (Russia). His work is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (Usa), The New Art Gallery Walsall, (Uk), Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Japan) and Portland Art Museum (Usa). Brunelli has published “The Animals” (2008) and “Eternal London” (2014) by Dewi Lewis Publishing, “Self Portraits” (2017) and "Hamburg" (2021) by Editions Bessard, “New York” (2020) by Skinnerboox and "Venice" has been self-published by TantoPress in 2022. In 2012, he was commissioned by The Photographers’Gallery to do the “Eternal London” series and in 2015 by the Deichtorhallen to produce “Hamburg".



ONLINE (1 hour) portfolio review + workshop 
Skype or Zoom (in 1 sessions for a total of 1 hour). 


ONLINE (3 hours) portfolio review + workshop 
Skype or Zoom (in 2 sessions for a total of 3 hours). 


ONLINE / MENTORSHIP (6 hours) one-to-one bespoke workshop  

Skype or Zoom (in 3 sessions for a total of 6 hours). 


ONLINE / MENTORSHIP (12 hours) one-to-one bespoke workshop 

Skype or Zoom (in 6 sessions for a total of 12 hours).


WORKSHOP - 2 meetings with 1 PHOTOWALK (London) 

One-to-one bespoke workshop comprising of no.1 one-to-one photowalk and review of the work produced during the shooting. 


WORKSHOP - 3 meetings with 2 PHOTOWALKS (London)

One-to-one bespoke workshop comprising of no. 2 one-to-one photowalks and review of the work produced during the shooting. 


The online workshops/mentorships will lead students into the practice and history of fine art photography as well as providing tutorial support. Focusing on how to develop a personal project, you will explore and define your individual approach to photography and will consider all elements of successful project development, from research to shooting and editing. Through guidance and feedback, participants will work to successfully develop a photography project from start to finish.

Topics: Introduction to photography-How to start a photographic project-Shooting on location-Review of the shooting-Editing your work-Publish your book-Find the right publisher for your work-Looking at photographic books-Galleries/museums exhibitions visits-Photography exhibitions and collections-Editing and production-Concept and visual storytelling-Editing, sequencing, design and narrative-Collecting photography-Sell to collectors-Galleries and fairs.


“I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants to develop a portfolio. A really enjoyable weekend of art photography. I learned a lot about how to produce a consistent body of work.”  



“Thank you so much for such an amazing course! It was even more inspiring and interesting than I had hoped. It has made me want to start shooting again, and look at other photographers work again too. (After quitting it all a few years ago when I got sick of the fashion world!)  

Now I have to see if I can ever create a distinctive style! 

I raided my Dad’s camera collection this evening and found a couple of different ones to try!  

Thank you for all of the links and extra info and I would love to do a darkroom workshop in the future. I will finally set up the equipment I have soon and see how far I get. 

Thank you again for such a fun and inspiring course, and for so much invaluable advice and encouragement.”



“Amazing weekend of photography in London with inspirational Giacomo Brunelli, this workshop has got me thinking” 



“Thanks to Giacomo for an incredible three days of insight into education and on freedom to experiment with street photography”



“Fantastic course, really enjoyed it! Learnt masses in a really fun atmosphere. Highly Recommended.


“Just wanted to say thanks again for a super inspiring workshop and a very enjoyable three days chatting with yourself”


 "I would highly recommend Giacomo Brunelli's reviews. I signed up to one last week and got lots of inspiration and helpful advice from it"


“I would like to tell how much I liked your workshop and all the things we discussed and thank you for sharing all this knowledge”


I attended this workshop and it was superb - strongly recommended. 3 days of learning on a very practical and fun basis. Giacomo is a warm, knowledgeable and clever photographer who is keen to share his wide experience.


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your guidance and hospitality on the weekend.It was pleasure to meet you and a privilege to see how you work and shoot.It has given me great inspiration and helped me to focus and I have some projects in mind”


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