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With 15 year experience in the field and having published more than ten books, I am happy to help you build your career as an artist. If you like to build a stronger portfolio of images, editing, improve your vision, publish a book and start selling your prints at galleries, get in touch. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals.

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I am happy to launch a three-day workshop with photowalk in London on the 6th, 7th and 8th October 2023!


The workshop is open to passionate amateurs and professionals who want to improve their photographic vision and build a portfolio, analog or digital photography, 35mm and medium format.

 If you are looking at expanding your creative process, immersing yourself in a three-day intensive workshop around the city of London, join photographer Giacomo Brunelli's workshop designed to refine your vision using the city of London as an inspiration.

 Following Giacomo's "Eternal London" steps (the body of work was commissioned by The Photographers'Gallery and published by Dewi Lewis Publishing), from Hyde Park to Mayfair, from River Thames to Brick Lane, photographer Giacomo Brunelli will give you guidance on framing and composition, helping you develop a distinctive approach and learning what it takes to be in the right place at the right time.

 From finding your photographic voice to understanding the process of creating photobooks, Giacomo will shares his insights on how to reach your audience from exhibitions to book/print sales.  

 During the workshop, you will also be able to see Giacomo in action as he photographs different London locations while making new work and take part in group review/editing sessions.

You will have the opportunity to spend time with Giacomo, ask for his guidance and have your work reviewed throughout the workshop.


During the 3 photowalks, we will be able to explore the following topics: 
-Introduction to photography 
-How to start a photographic project 
-Learn how to frame and shoot strangers 
-Review of the shooting
-Editing your work
-Build your own portfolio
-How visual storytelling can be used to develop a concept
-Edit and sequence to reveal a narrative 
-Publish (or self-publish) your book 
-Find the right publisher for your work 
-How to approach commercial galleries, editors and magazines
-Sell your work to collectors.


Friday 6th October 2023: 10am- 5pm (Photowalk)
Saturday 7th October 2023: 10am-5pm (Photowalk)
Sunday 8th October 2023: 11am-5pm (Photowalk)

The workshop will be held in Central London, we will be travelling to different areas such as Hyde Park, Mayfair, St.James's, Piccadilly and Brick Lane.  


What to bring:


-Portfolio of their work (15-30 images)  

Meeting point:

Waterloo Station (Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8SW)

Fee: £395

ONLINE (2 sessions) portfolio review + workshop 
Skype or Zoom (in 2 sessions for a total of 3 hours). 


ONLINE / MENTORSHIP (3 sessions) one-to-one bespoke workshop  

Skype or Zoom (in 3 sessions for a total of 6 hours). 


ONLINE / MENTORSHIP (6 sessions) one-to-one bespoke workshop 

Skype or Zoom (in 6 sessions for a total of 12 hours).


WORKSHOP - 2 meetings with 1 PHOTOWALK (London) 

One-to-one bespoke workshop + one-to-one photowalk and review of the work produced during the shooting. 


WORKSHOP - 3 meetings with 2 PHOTOWALKS (London)

One-to-one bespoke workshop + 2 one-to-one photowalks and review of the work produced during the shooting. 


The workshop/mentorship will lead students into the practice and history of fine art photography as well as providing tutorial support. Focusing on how to develop a personal project, you will explore and define your individual approach to photography and will consider all elements of successful project development, from research to shooting and editing. Through guidance and feedback, participants will work to successfully develop a photography project from start to finish.


Introduction to photography-How to start a photographic project-Shooting on location-Review of the shooting-Editing your work-Publish your book-Find the right publisher for your work-Looking at photographic books-Galleries/museums exhibitions visits-Photography exhibitions and collections-Editing and production-Concept and visual storytelling-Editing, sequencing, design and narrative-Collecting photography-Sell to collectors-Galleries and fairs.


“I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants to develop a portfolio. A really enjoyable weekend of art photography. I learned a lot about how to produce a consistent body of work.”  



“Thank you so much for such an amazing course! It was even more inspiring and interesting than I had hoped. It has made me want to start shooting again, and look at other photographers work again too. (After quitting it all a few years ago when I got sick of the fashion world!)  

Now I have to see if I can ever create a distinctive style! 

I raided my Dad’s camera collection this evening and found a couple of different ones to try!  

Thank you for all of the links and extra info and I would love to do a darkroom workshop in the future. I will finally set up the equipment I have soon and see how far I get. 

Thank you again for such a fun and inspiring course, and for so much invaluable advice and encouragement.”



“Amazing weekend of photography in London with inspirational Giacomo Brunelli, this workshop has got me thinking” 



“Thanks to Giacomo for an incredible three days of insight into education and on freedom to experiment with street photography”



“Fantastic course, really enjoyed it! Learnt masses in a really fun atmosphere. Highly Recommended.


“Just wanted to say thanks again for a super inspiring workshop and a very enjoyable three days chatting with yourself”


 "I would highly recommend Giacomo Brunelli's reviews. I signed up to one last week and got lots of inspiration and helpful advice from it"


“I would like to tell how much I liked your workshop and all the things we discussed and thank you for sharing all this knowledge”


I attended this workshop and it was superb - strongly recommended. 3 days of learning on a very practical and fun basis. Giacomo is a warm, knowledgeable and clever photographer who is keen to share his wide experience.


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your guidance and hospitality on the weekend.It was pleasure to meet you and a privilege to see how you work and shoot.It has given me great inspiration and helped me to focus and I have some projects in mind”


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